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How to Market to Everyone

By Asa Leveaux

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Ha ha…YOU DON’T!

You see what I did there?!

When dreamers that want so much to start their businesses approach me I continuously ask them one question. The question is the following: whom are you marketing to? What happens next happens so often that it almost seems scripted at this point. Without missing a beat they inhale the question and exhale with a "smileful" response that consists of “EVERYBODY!”. The Oklahoma part of me wants to respond with “bless your heart”, however, I have now realized that they aren’t asking me advice to receive a condescending demeanor but rather practical questions.


The reason why it’s not in your best interest to even attempt to market to “everyone” is because of the root fact that everyone is not the same. Let’s take a look at this further. If I had a pair of $100 headphones and told you that I wanted 16 year old Japanese females to buy them as well as 63 year old white American males, what do you think my billboard should look like? It is important, if not crucial, to consider that both of those groups value different things. While one tribe is influenced by who else has them, the other may place a high value on comfortability.


When you begin your marketing strategy for your business it’s best to consider your ideal customer or client rather than a broad demographic. For instance, within a demographic you will see phrases such as “between the ages of 16 and 24” or “they have 2.5 children” or “residing within the Tri-state area”. Demographics are a good start but it’s not where you are ensuring success for your business. Instead choose specificity. For instance, a more specific assessment of your desired customer would be “ a 23 year old woman who has an associates degree, is divorced, is a United States veteran who happens to be a naturalized citizen from Puerto Rico”. With this you not only become intimate with you desire to serve but also inadvertently create an action plan to go and find this individual. For instance, consider these questions: Where do you find 23 year old women? Where do you find women with associates’ degrees? Where do you find women who are divorced? Where do you find naturalized citizens?


You now have 0 excuses to why you don’t understand what your customer avatar is or how to become familiar with building one. We at the Queer Money Gang™ are here for you to help you along the rest of your entrepreneurial journey.

-Dreams & Blessings