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How to Dream Again

By Asa Leveaux

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Kids to feed.

Significant other to tend to.

Boss being bossy as usual.

Sitting there in your chair feeling chained to your coffee, check and cubicle.


I understand the frustration of feeling as though every plan that you ever conceived is now in the proverbial dumpster in the back of a Denny's rotting and stinking up everything that it comes in contact with. I understand because I have been there. I know what it's like to look around the office and think to myself "You've got to be kidding. I WAS NOT BORN FOR THIS!". I was right and so are you. It's time to take your dream back and now.

I could go on and on about the 3 steps, the 5 steps, the 10 steps to do what needs to be done but you and I don't have that kind of time. What I ask you to consider is what will happen to you if your dreams are never realized.

No, ask yourself now.

Begin to wrap your mind around you not being able to open that business, write that book, marry that girl, have those kids, support that philanthropic effort, buy that vineyard, purchase that boat, sit on a porch without choking on your regrets. We all have our lists.

Take time in the next three minutes to write down the story of who you think you would be if you allow your dreams to rot. Once you have your story written search yourself to see if its worth it to dream again.

-Dreams & Blessings

Asa Leveaux

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