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Hand Over Your Elevator Pitch

By: Asa Leveaux

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Are you going up any elevators these days with decision makers?


I didn't think so.

In case you didn't know, an elevator pitch (or at least the term) was meant to describe the time you have while riding on an elevator in a corporate building from the lobby to the top executive floor with an executive with you. This proverbial and possibly literal "ride to the top" is meant to have a private moment with the executive so that you are able to discuss your business in the time span of the time it takes to go from the lobby to the top floor which is roughly one minute. This mindset is assuming quite a bit. For instance, what if the elevator is crowded? What happens to your opportunity if the executive isn't actually the decision maker? How do you continue of the elevator makes multiple stops? Have you considered the willingness of the executive...what if their are a real tool?


Rather than focus on a pitch that is reserved for dream rides, Shark Tank possibilities and other instances that are as rare as finding angel investors that aren't looking for positive ROIs, you could just craft your Genius Pitch™.


A Genius Pitch™ is what you give when you ACTUALLY meet someone who gives a damn what you do. For instance, when I go to networking events or even at a rooftop party and I am asked that dreadfully loaded question, "So what do you do?", I have an answer. That answer sounds like, "I train and develop aspiring entrepreneurs to create their first $10,000 in their business". Why would I say that? I say that because no one wants to hear that "I'm a business owner" or "I'm an entrepreneur" and they really don't want to hear what I would tell that executive on that elevator. Think to yourself about the level of interest when you proudly announce that you are a coach or a teacher or a fitness instructor or that you do hair. What would happen if instead of saying you are a leadership coach you stated boldly that "I train emerging executives to obtain their corner office in the C-suite"? What would happen would be a reply that was imbued with sincere interest.


Let's say that you are ready to transform what you do into a statement that speaks to the passion rather than the task. The first thing that you need to understand is the Genius Pitch™ formula. The formula looks like this:

Task + Target Audience + Measurable Result = Genius Pitch™

Remember, the pitch I gave you follows this formula. The Genius Pitch™ I gave was the following: I train and develop (task) aspiring entrepreneurs (target audience) to create their first $10,000 in their business (measurable result).

I would love to see what you have created and provide feedback to assist you in your entrepreneurial journey. You can take advantage by visiting and post yours using #geniuspitch and receive support.