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What is a Clarity Coach?

By Asa Leveaux

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What is a Clarity Coach?

By Asa Leveaux

At first I thought to myself that this question was not one that should be all. I began to ask myself questions about the question. Why would anyone ask that question? Am I not being clear in my joy description (I say joy description instead of job description because it is definitely a joy to do)? Will people think that you are talking down to them?

After asking myself what seemed like an endless stream of questions my thought was that I should always think about the ONE person. What I mean by that is what I consistently tell my clients which is rather than focusing your efforts on the "demographic" or the multitude of people who you desire, think about the one individual who you can name that has been praying that you would show up for them. So that is what prompted this explanation.

A clarity coach is someone that has the ability and your permission to take the information of where you are now and where you want to be and co-creates an action plan with step-by-step directions on how to get there. I will say that is an over generalized explanation but it does cover the key points.

One key point that I have learned as "America's Leading Clarity Coach" is the one of permission. When I first began work as a coach I was coaching for coaching sake. What that looked like is having my ears on high alert for the possibility of a problem around me in person or online where I could coach someone. As you may know, this way of being did not serve me or the other person well when I did that. I've learned since then to keep my best work for my best clients rather than for those who currently couldn't care less.

If you desire to grant me permission feel free to go HERE to schedule a Creative Consultation to see if you and I can co-create possibilities.

Asa Leveaux, known as "America's Leading Clarity Coach", is an internationally sought after speaker and bestselling author of such books as "I Am Man Enough: 365 Affirmations for Men" and "I Am Woman Enough: 365 Affirmations for Women"

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