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Clarity in Entrepreneurship

By Asa Leveaux

Clarity in Entrepreneurship

By Asa Leveaux

"I don't know Asa!"

This response, at times, has the ability to make my liver quiver and my entrepreneur soul to shake. The reply often comes when I ask an entrepreneur about the planning aspects of their business. For instance, one question that I offer has everything to do with how much money they would like to generate. One of the first things that I decided for myself is how much money I wanted to bring into my business. However, I have learned that this level of clarity regarding this topic is common rather than uncommon. Another question that I present talks about the customer avatar. In a nutshell the customer avatar is the person that is the total sum of who you are going after in the marketplace. For instance, rather than saying that you help women 27-42, you would tell me that your customer avatar is a 31 year old woman named Julie who aspires to be a professional speaker. The reason for this clarity is the benefit of specificity. When things are broad when can remain overwhelmed and clueless to what to do next.

To assist you with clarity in your business, I am issuing questions for you to answer. Give yourself ample time to sit with each question and then actually answering it for the benefit of the brand you are building.

Entrepreneur Clarity Questions:

1. What are fifteen points to your customer avatar?

2. What is your daily revenue goal?

3. Which is more important to you: money or freedom?

4. If you have the title of CEO, what are your KPI's (key performance indicators)?

5. What, if any, social media goals are you working towards that are measureable?

6. Why are your social media goals needed in the marketplace you occupy?

7. How will your business be funded in the 4th quarter of this year?

Asa Leveaux, known as "America's Leading Clarity Coach", is an internationally sought after speaker and bestselling author of such books as "I Am Man Enough: 365 Affirmations for Men" and "I Am Woman Enough: 365 Affirmations for Women".


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